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Workshop 5 : Résumé Building

The aim of the workshop is to help participants understand the importance of a good resume and enable them to create a professionally viable résumé as powerful tool for their job interviews. The focus is to disseminate information to participants that will improve the overall appearance and effectiveness of their résumés; thereby increasing the participants chance to get a job in the chosen field.

A resume is a short descriptive document. It is an account of work experience, education, qualifications, objectives, personal qualities, and special skills. It is usually the first item a potential employer sees about a candidate and therefore is very important. It can make the difference between a candidate receiving an invitation to interview or not.

This workshop will lead its participants through a self-assessment session so as to give them an extensive knowledge about the product they are marketing i.e. THE PARTICIPANT! The participants will be trained to write an employment objective that shows potential employers that they have direction, Make the most of their work/ internship experience. Know what to reveal in a resume, and what to keep to themselves. Learn to overcome gaps in work history and age discrimination. Discover how to use references to their advantage.