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Workshop 3 : Corporate Grooming & Etiquettes

The most obvious and best impression of an organization’s image on the outer world stems off from the image presented by employees in that company. Hence it is important that a corporate professional should not just look presentable, but also should be able to communicate and behave in a professional manner.

Many employers make up their impression about a candidate during an interview within the first 30 seconds of their interaction with them, where the biggest influencers are your packaging as a professional and the exchange of courtesies that would have taken place by then. Hence, presenting one’s self is acutely critical in determining how far reaching & lasting our impression would be when we interact with our prospective employers.

This workshop focuses on dress/appearance, workplace versus social situations, dining etiquettes, business meetings, proper introductions, and the ‘handshake'. Conversation skills/small talk, cultural differences affecting international business opportunities & dealing with interruptions covering scenarios right from the interview room to your workstation and beyond. Greater awareness of Grooming and Etiquette skills will help the participants to increase their poise and confidence which will also significantly change the impact that they have in any formal, professional, and social situations.